Transmission : Can't remote access when a torrent is downloading


I use Transmission on my Dietpi install but I’ve got an issue : When a torrent is downloading, I have big difficulties to access Transmission with a remote (web version or softwares).

It just can’t connect (it only works 10% of the time). And at the moment the torrent finished downloading, everything comes back at normal. I can connect without issues.

I searched a lot about this, can’t find anything on the subject because it’s obviously a vague search.
Does someone here knows about this problem ? Any idea on how to fix it ?

Thanks in advance for your help, any idea is welcome. Have a good day

Which device is that?
Can you do other things when a torrent is downloading?
SSH works fine for example? If yes, can you check htop and see how is CPU and memory utilized?

It’s a raspberry pi 4 4gb. I can do other things, but with a lot of difficulty. I can SSH and other apps works, but it can’t connect half of the time. It’s like it cuts the full internet connection. I cannot access the remote transmission server at all.

I already tried fully wiping and reinstallign everything on the pi, didn’t work. It’s still the same. I don’t know what to do. I tried looking into my router settings but everything is normal.

how does CPU and memory looks like while your system is freezing? We had a similar report on Github where large file write leads to a freeze on the system. Basically transmission was using entire memory and did not released it anymore.

Issue was with transmission version 2.92, and it was fixed in 2.94. Not sure which version you are running.

Hi !

New update on the issue :

I had another issue with transmission, here is the post about it :

Joulinar helped to solve it. I don’t know why, but it also fixed this issue !

Here is the solution :

I made the 1st option, and it solved that too !
Thanks again Joulinar. You’re the best.

Have a great day everyone !

strange that this seems to fix it. But good that it is working now.