Transfer big Files safely over webbrowser


Coz im very beginner, another question :slight_smile:.
Since i cannot transfer via owncloud big files.
What system can i use then or is advisable.

And it should be safe. Is there a way to only use webbrowser.

Example. Im anywhere and i want to send a big file (2gb up to 10-20GB) over webbrowser to my owncloud webstorage at home.

Without installing a software on the computer on which i upload the file.

FTP torrent over webbrowser?

Thx for help still running with the 10000. new setup of dietpi hehhehe. Webdav with https with windows 10 explorer not working… user coudnt identified.

Your Software is really great :slight_smile:

To meet your requirements, the only thing I can suggest for simplicity is installing proftpd on the DietPi system. You can then upload files from any system.
The only downside is security, you may want to enable TLS: Start from 3 Enabling TLS In ProFTPD

Another option would be to use a OpenVPN server on your device, and samba file server for local file access. But you would need to install VPN client on your other systems.


secure tls ssl via w10 explorer seems not working

samba and pro ftpd working now.

Yea hehe

But lacking of security now.