Transfer backup from the sd card?


I have created a backup with the internal backup function of DietPi. How can I get this backup from my SD card now? Under Windows I only get “boot” as folder. Can I drag the backup from the SD card to my laptop using PuTTy?

What do the commands look like here?
Thanks a lot!

You can install an ftp or sftp server.
From dietpi-software select the Proftpd as fileserver. Or in SSH server select OpenSSH.
Then use Filezilla client for example, which supports both protocols.

Basically your SD card has 2 partitions. First on is the BootFS containing /boot. This one has FAT32 file system format and therefore you are able to access it from Windows. 2nd partition is the RootFS containing the rest of the system. This partition is an EXT4 file system format and can’t be read by Windows system. But there are plenty of options how to access RootFS.

  1. Samba server
  2. FTP server
  3. SCP server

But what do you like to do with the backup data on your windows system? Because if you copy the data to your windows box, you will loos all Linux file system permissions as well as symbolic links on the files. Means you are not able to copy the files back. If you like to save the backup, it would be needed to create an archive out of it. This way you will keep Linux file system structure.