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Ever wanted to play those classic console arcade racers like F-Zero and XGRA on your PC?
Maybe want a little bit of Glow and 39 bikes to shoot at?
Now you can!

  • High speed arcade XGRA/Fzero style racing
  • Race against 39 Bikes
  • Upto 8 Player Network (19 Ai bikes cap)
  • Full weapon systems to allow you to destroy those 39 bikes!
  • 6 Race Modes (time trial, Pure Race, Weapon Race, Elimination, Annihilation, Arena Deathmatch)
  • Xp/Level up system (upgrade your bike/weapons)
  • Coded with Love in pure C++ using Oddity Engine 2

System Requirements:

  • Vista SP2, or, Windows 7 SP1
  • DirectX 11 GPU (Nvidia/AMD). Intel not supported by the engine.
  • Dual Core 2.5ghz+


  • HD7770+ or NVidia’s equivalent.
  • AMD Dual+ Core 3.0ghz+
  • INTEL Dual+ Core 2.5ghz+
  • Xbox 360 controller (Offical Only - Others not supported)
  • SoundBlaster 16 ISA or better! :wink:
  • Nice big screen to allow the Glow system to light up your room! :slight_smile:


  • Programming / Project Lead:
    Daniel Knight

  • 3D Artists:
    Hao Chen ( Created All weapon Projectile Models & DM-Rez Envrioment )
    Dave Sutedja ( Created the 750/1000cc Bike Model )
    Carl Kent ( Created the 250/500cc Bike Model & Rider )

  • Audio SFX:
    Eddie Chuong

  • Audio Music:
    George Hales ( Created the Music for Main Menu & Volex Peaks )
    Justin Blocker ( Created the Music for Silence )

  • Voice Acting:
    Ryan Cooper


Paypal Donations:
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