I hope anybody can help me wirh this configuration.

I’ve installed TOR from dietpi and now I want to configure a additional 2nd LAN eth1 Adapter (USB 3.0).
So AP wlan0 → eth0 works
eth1 → eth0 Need help

eth1 dhcp Server (same iprange as wlan0)

And the best Feature if possible will be:

WebFrontEnd or Integration in OMV, WEBMIN, …
Possible authentification MAC Address of Client to use TOR or direct link to ISP Router

So i can build my home TOR Router with also NAS/Plex for internal use and a Kodi Client with TOR (Geoblock avoidance)


Hi luzifia,

Phew, are you familiar with complex iptables rules and routing?

If you get a ton of it, this maybe will work.
But I will prefer to do this not on a SBC, which will handle your local services.
Better use a “real Router” for something you like to do.
But even with such a device, it will be difficult and complex.

Here you can have a look what TOR Hotspot on DietPi does:



I’ve done it with a real router, but this won’t work like the Tor Hotspot from Dietpi.
I’ve taken my old Fritzbox and compiled a Tor Firmware following this guide (it’s in german)

this work, ok but this only installes a tor Proxy. Maybee u can post a link with router and where to find a tor-router Software ?

thanks for answer.


i am again.
i’ve tried so much this won’t run.

so the easiest confi should be:

fritzbox(Internet) ← LAN (eth0/dhcp) → PI (TOR) <-> wlan0,eth1(dhcp Server)

same like dietpi-tor hotspot with a eth1 also.
i’ve tried with Bridge but i that’s outside of my abilities.

so i need a recipe for dummies. please help.