Tor Hotspot Bug?

Now this may be a bug an it may not - but it’s likely down to something in the Armbian image which I was using the time.

TL;DR the hotspot became so hot (and I mean physically hot) it burned out not one but two Realtek USB wifi dongles - one of them actually melted! :rofl:

I shouldn’t laugh but I like a bit of irony. Just something to feed back to the Armbian team if you get a chance. It’s probably nothing, but all I can say for sure is that the connections were not being used at the time and should have been sitting idle.

Lol, all jokes aside, thats not good.

I know most WiFi chipsets do get extremely hot. RTL8188cus is one culprit with Edimax Nano. But i’ve never heard of them “melting”.

Maybe the board your using is transferring additional heat from CPU through PCB to USB, increasing the temp of USB devices? RPi 3 is prone to this.

Also, which board are you using?

It’s an Orange Pi PC with the Armbian Linux kernel. Now my main server SBC (actually my main server since it’s the fastest).

Honestly, since it was more inconvenient than expensive (both dongles were from my spares box) I honestly laughed until my sides ached. At least I did when my finger stopped hurting from the burn! :smiley:

Here are a couple of pictures of the corpse. :slight_smile:

The other one was less spectacular (just stopped working).

Back in the day when I built electronics (i.e. when computers still filled large rooms) some transistors had a form of thermal runaway. In other words, when they got to a certain temperature, their design characteristics cause them to draw even more current and get hotter (and then draw more current and so on.)

I don’t know if this is the case here though since I can’t be sure which part overheated. I assume it’s the RF amplifier since but I’m really not qualified to take more than a fairly uneducated guess.

All I can say is that they were not connected to my machines at the time.