Tool to Upgrade/Change Boards

A tool to Update/Upgrade/Transition to another board.

As an example, I currently host a website on a single Raspberry Pi 3 (Apache, PHP, MySQL) I have been debating transitioning over to a Odroid-XU4 that I’ve had for quite a while but haven’t put to use (other than testing reliability and speed, as well as a simple desktop) I’m not quite at the point where I “need” to upgrade, although the upgrade would actually help in pushing my site forward waster due to faster processing time/lower server response time… Basically I and my website could definitely benefit from the transition to the Odroid-XU4

I can, and have previously just as a test, moved all needed files/databases from the Raspberry Pi onto the Odroid, although it is definitely a TASK. I think a great feature to incorporate into DietPi would be a Tool, or even a simple script to backup all data and ether build an Image for another Board or simply backup all files excluding one’s specific to ether boards

Thanks for reading my post, I welcome anyone’s idea’s and I look forward to your responses

Certainly an interesting idea, as well as working setups with full datasets/backups (like your webserver move) we could also have user shared configs, a sort of ‘remix’ thing, so, for instance you pull the Rothchild config and you get Mopidy, Subsonic and a DNLA renderer, of the Trevolio version which is a mix of webstack of your choice, some monitoring and vpn tools (or whatever, you get the idea).