TInkerboard not booting after updating

TInkerboard (not 2) not booting
It seems like the problem in this armbian packages (I tried to use armbian, and after updating I have same problem).
Did anyone know what’s the matter?

Probably a new kernel version provided by Armbian guys. If I understood it is not working on plain Armbian as well?

If yes, it might be a good idea to report to Armbian directly. But it would be important not to refer to DietPi. Use plain Armbian and Armbian trouble shooting tools.

Ok, thank you!
Just want to sure that isn’t problem with dietpi or my tinkerboard, hehe

Well if the issue is happening in plain Armbian as well, how should it be a DietPi issue :wink:

But it would be good to double check and watch Armbian forum. Maybe there are similar reports created recently.