Timescale for PHP 8 use

Is there a timescale for upgrading from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.
I rather not upgrade manually as I don’t want to break the existing menu / update system which is superb

The thing is, that on Debian Bullseye the available PHP version is 7.4 (on Debian repository). To get PHP8, you would need to use some special repositories or upgrade to Debian testing Bookworm.

Thanks Joulinar I guess as there is no release date for Bookworm we will have to wait.
Although, if i get bored, I might have a go at installing on a vmware version :slight_smile:

Following the Debian release cycle, it might be 2023. But of course nothing announced atm.


However you could switch to Bookworm manually. Or for testing, you could use one of our available Bookworm images for RPi or VM https://dietpi.com/downloads/images/


Now that is a good idea

Is there a reason there is no VMware version of Bookworm in the images list

not really. We simply did not create one yet. As well we need to keep an eye on storage used on our VPS server as it is not endless and simply we can’t create Bookworm testing images for each and every device. :slight_smile:

That seems like a good enough reason to me :wink:

VMware Bookworm image is there now :slight_smile:.