Time out of sync and passes very slowly

Hello guys
I have a fresh dietpi install with a nextcloud server running on it. After a few hours I noticed, that the time is completely out of sync. I went through the dietpi-config, changing the sync to boot/hourly and the time synced properly. However, after a view minutes, I saw, that with

$ date

the time was out of sync again.
I ran it a few times and noticed, that the time passes veeeery slowly. One second is not a second in dietpi’s time. It seems to pass around 1/10 slower.

The only thing I changed was moving the dietpi_userdata to /mnt/usb-storage/dietpi_userdata. Of course the link /mnt/dietpi_userdata still holds.

Does anyone have an idea what could cause this behaviour? I am running the on-demand governor.

Many thanks for your report.

Which hardware model do you use?
Did you install any other probably conflicting time sync client, like ntp, htpdate, ntpdate, chrony or such? Unlikely since our systemd-timesyncd wrapper would fail non-silent in this case, but to be sure :wink:.

Slowly ticking time sounds veery strange indeed. How is CPU and RAM usage?

Any kernel errors?
dmesg --level=err,crit,alert,emerg