tightVNC server // orange PI Zero

Hi all,

first info: so far all raspberry soft is perfectly running on orange pi zero :slight_smile: (chinese seem to be clever, this reminds me PC-XT history)

But I have a problem:

I installed tightVNC server (and many other softwares) for small control computer so I want it to run without interruption, for this, to improve stability I changed in /etc/fstab my SD card (both partitions) to read-only “ro”

All softs I need are happy with this change BUT tightVNC is not working (unfortunately stupidly written)

does anybody know, what must be changed and where to make tightVNC server runnig also from “ro” device? what exactly tightVNC server needs to write to physical SD card? Probably to ext partition…Can not this be redirected somewhere to /tmp (in RAM memory)?

even remot3.it and wiringpi and sendemail work, but only tightVNC does not work :frowning:

Sorry being rude, but I hope in this way I can “wake up” someone responsible for tightVNC server for RPI…

tightVNC is the shtiest application ever ! why it can not be normal like other tens of apps I already used? none of other apps is so shtty!