The RPI image stuck on v150

Hi, Is it possible for those responsible to update the website’s downloadable image for RPI, or is there a reason for it still being v150? The current version is v158 so every new installation takes forevet due to it updating itself to the most recent.

Yes, have notice this for many devices and plattforms.


  • Spare time
  • Extremely time consuming to update images
  • Too many supported devices and plattforms (35x currently !)
  • Lack of hardware to do this (see above - my individual problem)
  • Motive force (my individual problem)
  • Only two (2x) active developer !

You are welcome to do this …

Another option, if you are testing/experimenting software installations, is to use dietpi-backup:

Once the image is updated, do a stock installation (with no software changes).
Then backup system, install software, test, then restore. No need to write a new image each time.

Thanks for updating the image!