The Pi Podcast interviews DietPi operating system creator

The lads are back with their latest episode. This one features a round-up of all the important Pi-related news and an interview with DietPi creator Dan Knight (Fourdee).> Listen to it now> .
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(Interview start at: 13:50)

Congratulations Fourdee !

Hehe. Good find :slight_smile:

Was having a rough day during the recording, but really enjoyed it. I think we did the interview in early February, but was delayed due to RPi v3 release.

I love the latest news section of their podcast, so anyone who needs to feel the RPi geek inside them, well worth a regular listen.

I discovered your awesome DietPi exactly because of the podcast.
So far I’ve installed it on a RPi3 - ownCloud and a B+ (openvpn/PiHole) and it couldn’t have been easier.

Thanks so much for doing this.

Great to hear Warus, thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: