Thanks and a problem


I just installed dietpi on a 4B, first time for the distro and first RPi.

This is great stuff!

Everything was intuitive, absolutely no problems until after a couple of reboots.

All my dietpi software is gone. No cpu, no dietpi-config, no dietpi-anything.

What could have happened and how do I fix this? apt search dietpi comes back with nothing.




dietpi is not an apt package you can install. It’s a set of bash scripts located on /boot/dietpi

Can you check if it is still there?

Thank you, yes.

I see I shot myself in the ass on this one by including unalias -a in my .bash_profile

Thanks for the help and the fast answer!

BTW, unset HISTFILE doesn’t seem to stop .bash_history from being created although it works for me on my other Linux boxes. Is there a Debian-approved way to fix this?

not sure if this is Debian specific but you could try running bellow command if you like to disable command history system wide

echo 'set +o history' >> /etc/profile

Thanks, I’ll try it asap. I read that caused that even temporary command history is unavailable in the shell, which is not what I wanted.

Maybe I needed to do history -c, after that it seems to behave as I saw elsewhere. Not sure why it was need on this distro though.

at the end DietPi is not an own OS. We use a base image to have our shell scripts running on. And thinks like this are depending on the OS used. In case of Raspberry Pi it is Raspberry OS

I understand. And you guys did a fantastic job.