Temperature difference between Rasp Zero W and Rasp Zero 2 W

Hello Team

maybe i am wrong here maybe you can guide in right direction

i got here 2 Setup of Raspberry Zero

Rasp Zero W
lastest Dietpi Armv6 as PiHole , conserative at 85% load and standart setting , this box around 39°C (Cpu load at 0.2 …0.6)

Rasp Zero 2 W latest Dietpi Armv7 as SANE and Cups Server , overclock and governour as Powersaving but box around 60-62°C (Cpu load 0.1)

both are same addonboard and same case , both same airspace

i know Zero 2 W has a double pack design (cpu and ram )

my question is that really a normal Temperature for Zero 2 W ? i can setup anything in dietpi to get cooler temp (beside the to point above)?

are you using a heatsink or any cooling? is it inside a case? don’t put it in a case unless it has some kind of cooling it should have open air. the pi zero w is a low power device and pretty much can work without cooling just like the zero 2 w. the pi zero 2 w is only a little different in that it can get up to around 72 degrees C without cooling but its still safe and supposed to work at that temp even without throttling. although I would attach a heatsink at least just to keep its temps a little lower than normal. ah here I found a good link for you to get some information on the 2w. https://www.hackster.io/news/raspberry-pi-zero-2-w-review-hands-on-with-the-fastest-zero-ever-b85b155905a5#:~:text=Under%20a%20thermal%20stress%20test%20the%20board%20gets,anywhere%20near%20its%20throttle%20point.%20(📷%3A%20Gareth%20Halfacree)

RPi Zero vs RPi Zero 2 W are very different SoCs, BCM2708 (same as Raspberry Pi 1) vs BCM2710 (same as Raspberry Pi 3). It’s quite known that starting with Raspberry Pi 3 BCM2710 the average CPU temperature increased quite a lot, compared to Raspberry Pi 2 and earlier. Due to this we e.g. needed to raise the temperature limit (from which on thermal throttling is done) from 65 °C to 75 °C for BCM2710 and Raspberry Pi 4 (BCM2711) models.

But 39 °C is quite nice for Raspberry Pi Zero, my RPi Zero W in its official case gets hotter :frowning:. Probably you got a lucky production batch :slight_smile:.

thank you both

i was aware of the change of the cpu ,also that it get hotter but 60°C for almost idle was not expectet . but now its clear that this is safe → beside the 60°C are mention in dietpi as “hot not good”

the zero W has small cpu passiv cooler and on DIN-Mounting plate without a real case https://www.reichelt.com/lt/de/raspberry-pi-hutschienenhalterung-fuer-zero-grau-rpiz-dinrail-p242770.html?&nbc=1

the Zero 2W has no CPU cooler ( i tested with cpu cooler but than i got 2-4°C more heat / i thing the glue pad was not ideal ) and in small acryle case

both are vertical mount