Syncthing should not run as a privileged or system user


I have installed Syncthing with dietpi-software using the default DietPi root account.

Syncthing runs fine but with the following warning:

Syncthing should not run as a privileged or system user. Please consider using a normal user account.

What should I do about this? Is the root account required to use dietpi-software?

Thank you,

Hello friends,

I have stopped the syncthing service, created another user, edited syncthing.service and syncthing-inotify.service to use the new user, copied the syncthing configuration folder from /root/.config/syncthing/ to /home/new_user/.config/syncthing/, and changed ownership of this folder, and of the syncthing_data folder, to new_user:new_user. After reboot syncthing service started running normally under the new_user.

I now have another question: Is there a right DietPi way to install software like syncthing (that runs as a service) using dietpi-software, and have it running under a non-root user ?

Thank you,

Thanks this is interesting I’ve been trying to do this without success as yet - one question - what is the syncthing_data folder you refer to? Is this the folder(s) you are syncing?

So far here syncthing is running (service syncthing status) but inotify can’t connect to it and I can’t get the web interface up.