Switching raspberry pies

Hello, I have a raspberry pi 4 4GB running dietpi with owncloud. I figured it’s too powerful for that purpose so I want to switch to a lower RAM model 4B, like the 2GB one. Is it possible to take the SD card from the one I have now and put it in the other, or will I have issues with that?
Thanks in advance.


many thanks for your report. Switching between different RPi4 model should not be an issue. Even you could switch from RPi4 to RPi3. The only think to take care is to unsure you have a static IP. Otherwise it could happen that you will get new/different IP address assigned if you use DHCP. Behause network interface MAC will change. As well you might need to check your port forwarding on your internet router if you have. To ensure that it will point to new device.

Hi, thank you for your quick and informative response. I will take care of the IP and port forwarding settings, that’s the smallest issue. I was basically worried it could corrupt my HDD or DietPi settings, but since these will be fine I am cool with it.
Thanks again! Stay safe.

well if you have an external HDD, you might need to check if it will be detected correctly on new device. probably you might need to adjust /etc/fstab later on to paint to correct device. What do you have transferred to your HDD? DietPi User data or whole RootFS?

On the HDD I only have user data I store on owncloud. Nothing else.

probably than you can give it try and check if it will detect your HDD correctly. If not, it could happen that some service will fail like MariaDB, but should be possible to correct it in /etc/fstab once your system booted up

As long as I don’t have to delete the data on it, I guess it’s not a big problem. I will try it soon. Thanks again!