Switch to hardened kernel

Hello people,

I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to debian based systems, but I sure appreciate their stability.
On Archlinux there is the option to swich kernels, e.g. to “linux-hardened” or “linux-zen”.

Is there a option to switch the kernel in dietpi as well? I’d like to switch to the hardened kernel, specifically.


On DietPi we don’t do own kernel development. Means we use the stock kernel provided by the underlying base image. As we support multiple architecture, device and platforms, it’s not really possible to maintain such function where you could switch between kernel version or maintainer.

Therefore, no there is not such a DietPi tool available.

By chance, is there one kernel-repo that you can recommend? I think it would be quite odd for debian not to have any other kernels in their repositories.

no sorry. Just to avoid a misunderstanding. There is not that “singe” kernel we use on our images. It depends on SBC/hardware/architecture. We have Debian kernel, Raspberry Pi OS kernel, Armbian kernel aso. All these are different kernel, maintained by different people, being on a different version. You would need to check for your specific devise and maybe build an own custom kernel yourself.

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