Switch own cloud to External Hard Drive

I’ve seen a lot of different versions of how to do this, but can anyone help me transfer or simply be able to use my external hard drive for my own cloud storage? I’ve got everything set up, dietpi is installed, owcloud is installed, external hard drive is formatted and mounted on dietpi. But how do I access the external hard drive for own cloud? When I open it up the only thing that shows is the 8MB SD card?


many thanks for your report. Basically you would have 2 options

  1. transfer all dietpi user data to the external device using dietpi-drive_manager
  2. add the local mount point of your external device as an additional folder inside owncloud

For option number 2 you would need to adjust owncloud config.php first to add 1 line

nano /var/www/owncloud/config/config.php
ADD this line > 'files_external_allow_create_new_local' => 'true',

Once done do a restart and afterwards you could add new local folder using the external storage app inside owncloud. Due to security reasons, the local folder option got disabled by purpose on owncloud 10. Therefore the tweak inside config.php file is needed.