Switch from Pi2b+ to Pi4b

i have an Dietpie Setup with Nextcloud on it.
First i installed the 32bit Version on my old Pi2b+, but now i want a performance boost and switched to a pi4b.
it works, but i figuered out that many settings where setted for the pi2. Is there an easy option to auto change all settings to the rpi4?
or should i do a backup and install a 64bit image on a new SD Card?
Kind Regards

There is no real need to switch to a 64bit version as there is no real performance gain from it.

What settings you are referring to? Can you give an example?

The only thing needed is to install RPi4 specific boot loader. This can be done from inside dietpi-config

Actually, you can simply plug the RPi2 SD card into the RPi4 and it will boot and work without any further steps. The bootloader is on the EEPROM of the RPi4 chip. It makes sense to update it via dietpi-config > Advanced Options > EEPROM, which also enables a service that checks for updates every boot (default on Raspberry Pi OS), but it is not strictly necessary.

The 64-bit image is pretty stable in the meantime, but it still lacks support for some RPi-tailored packages, like Kodi and Chromium with RPi GPU acceleration, and a few others that are only available for 32-bit systems. So I agree, that there is no general reason to use the 64-bit image on RPi4 only because it can. The RPi2 v1.2 revision btw also supports the 64-bit image :wink:.