Swap lighttpd for nginx - nextcloud no longer reachable from internet


I removed lighttpd and installed nginx. (Easier proxy setup for a couple of other services running on my machine)

I reinstalled pihole and this is working again (nginx is working as well I suppose)

I can access nextcloud using my local IP without issue. (Using http)

But I cannot access nextcloud via my domain from the internet.


I even reinstalled nextcloud but to no avail.

When I open my domain without /nextcloud, I get presented the lighttpd placeholder page (although I uninstalled lighttpd). Shouldn’t that show the nginx placeholder page?

I need some help to troubleshoot. Where to start?

Many thanks in advance.


I guess I solved this by recreating the certificates via dietpi-letsencrypt

All good for now.

Yes for the new web server, certificates would need to be configured. Otherwise Nginx is not aware on them.

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Is the lighttpd placeholder page expected or should it show an nginx specific one?

It’s just a html page located within /var/www. It could be everything. You can remove the file or replace it with an own one. There is no direct relationship to the web server used.

Understood. Thank you!