Support for the new Raspberry Pi Zero W

Hi FourDee,

I guess you have already heard about the new exciting news?

There is a new Raspberry Pi in town.

Raspberry Pi Zero W is basically a Raspberry Pi Zero with WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0

So will you support it?

Hi Zombie,

Yep, I heard :slight_smile: One is on order, will implement support for onboard WiFi BT when it arrives.

Must admit, I was hoping they would replace that 1GHz single core with the 900MHz quad core as per RPi 2. Although, that would probably vastly increase power consumption, especially with these BCM CPU’s.

Well, the new Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 looks very interesting, too:

Agreed that looks pretty good as does the Orange Pi Zero NAS board - they need to bring out cases that will take a bigger Orange Pi and the NAS board.

Yeah, I don’t understand why they don’t produce cases for all their products.
The one for the OPi PC is flimsy and not too good, but the case for the OPi Zero and its daughter board is very nice IMHO.