Support for Orange Pi PC Plus

Orange Pi PC image can’t boot Orange Pi PC Plus: it halts very early in the boot process and reboots endlessly.
DietPi looks very promising. I would love to install it. How can I make it work on Orange Pi PC Plus? Is there something I can do? Or should I wait for a special image for my board?

Try using this script.bin: REMOVED OBSOLETE LINK and saving it to /boot/script.bin on SDcard.

Beyond that, unfortunately, we don’t have access to this SBC. This means we are unable to support and create a DietPi image for it at this time.

Thanks for the tip.
I just tried with the script you provide (I understand it’s extracted from Armbian, which actually runs well on my board).
The boot fails… but a little further (if it’s useful I can take a picture of the screen before it reboots).

Error messages state that /sbin/init and /sbin/fsck are missing.
As I understand, Armbian does with only one ext4 partition which is mounted very early on /

If you guide me through, I may be able to create the dietpi image for Orange Pi PC Plus myself.
I’m supposed to be a software engineer, but linux boot is not my specialty. Yet :slight_smile:

Yep, ARMbian by default is 1 partition image. All DietPi images (excluding VM) requires 2 partitions.

So you’ll need to build the ARMbian image with 2 partitions, here are my notes using a cross compiler:

ARMbian Builds

apt-get -y install git
git clone --depth 1
cp lib/ .

#Modify for
en_GB # Instead of en_US

#Modify lib/ This is for creating 2 partitions.
BOOTSIZE="64" # This doesn't exist and needs to be added to the global vars (at the top)

#Run the compile, select full image, Jessie and server (not desktop)

#After compile
- write image.
- Power on

The next stage is setting up the image for DietPi. We remove vast numbers of packages and optimize it further.
I can convert this stage to a script that you can run. Just let me know when you reach this point.

I’m supposed to be a software engineer, but linux boot is not my specialty. Yet > :slight_smile:

Linux is like a big spiders web of “stuff”, even I learn something every day. Nobody knows everything and we all start somewhere :slight_smile:.
I was a Windows IT/admin years before DietPi, with the only experience of Linux being “I can download and install Debian + LXDE, using their image”. :smiley:

Hi Fourdee,

You’ve done a great job with DietPi from my perspective as a home user. I was listening to the Pi Podcast today - three episodes back - I was disappointed to hear them talk of the Pi having two main OS and needing a third! They were referring to Raspian and Ubuntu Mate. Forgetting of course that DietPi was featured on an earlier episode - short memories.


Hi John,

Thanks for the positive feedback :slight_smile:

PiPodcast, in all fairness, there are far too many RPi based distros/images to remember, check out this list of 46+:

The PiPodcast was a really good show, informative, insightful news and giving awareness to comminuty projects (like DietPi). Unfortunately, episode 28 was their last and they will be missed:

Hi , everybody .
Have anubody made dietpi image for Orangepi PC Plus .
i hope that [bolet75] sucssed … if yes, is it possible to share that image .

Many thanks

7 years later? :smile:

Use the “Armbian Bullseye Minimal CLI” image from here: Orange Pi PC+ – Armbian
Then run our installer script to convert it into DietPi: Supported hardware - Docs

Ah, welcome to our forum/community btw :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Before posting on this forum ,I tried this procedure but as- MASTER setup (recomended)…
and after reboot i had problems to comunicate with borad…
lets see if DEVelopment option will work better .

Many thanks on quick response :slight_smile:

That does not make a difference. Be more specific about the issue. It might well be just a network config issue which you should be able to solve with a screen and keyboard attached.

Hi … let me correct myself… it seems that in previous try connection broke while running script, so installation went wrong … this time it worked well . i am pretty happy to try possibilities of diet PI.
my main goal is Nextcloud and private cloud storage

Thanks for help :smiley:

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