Support for 6.1.77 kernel on rock pi s

I just installed the latest version of DietPi_ROCKPiS-ARMv8-Bookworm.img on rock pi s. I see that it has 6.1.63 of the kernel. Is it possible to upgrade the kernel to a LTS version such as 6.1.77? Does Diet PI have any plans to supply an image with 6.1.77 kernel? Please let me know. Thank you!

#6.1.77 #kernel, #rockpi s

We do not do any kernel development, but I think any 6.1.X kernel is LTS.

ok, thank you very much for the clarification!

Armbian updates the kernel packages on their repository very rarely, while the build system is several patch versions ahead. There is a newer build available on our server:

dpkg -i linux-{image,dtb}-current-rockchip64.deb
rm linux-{image,dtb}-current-rockchip64.deb

I have not tested this on my ROCK Pi S in particular, so have a backup prepared, at best of the whole SD card.

ok, thank you!
will try it out.

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