Sudo apt install git


Is there any problem with installing git on dietpi with sudo apt install git (given it is not a dietpi-software option?

You can install it via dietpi-software install 17, but should be also fine using apt. The script just does G_AGI git which means:

		# Return if no argument given
		(( $# )) || { G_DIETPI-NOTIFY 2 'G_AGI | No input package given. Aborting...'; return 0; }


		G_EXEC_DESC="\e[0mAPT install \e[33m$*\e[0m"
		DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive G_EXEC_OUTPUT=1 G_EXEC_OUTPUT_COL='\e[90m' G_EXEC apt-get -y --allow-change-held-packages install "$@"
		local exit_code=$?

		# Remove all downloaded DEB packages without the lists cache
		# shellcheck disable=SC2046
		rm -Rf $(apt-get -s clean | mawk '{print $2;exit}')

		return "$exit_code"

So it also triggers apt install and some other stuff.


perfect - thanks. I tried looking for it here, but couldn’t find it (even with a search for ‘git’).

The overview is outdated. Better to use this view DietPi Software list · MichaIng/DietPi Wiki · GitHub

Anyway, it is a simple apt install. We don’t do further magic in this simple software package. At the end, there is no limitation for the usage of apt package manager. There is no need to use our software catalogue. Its just an offer for user who don’t have that much experience on installing software.