Suddenly Full SD card (2GB--> 32GB)

Hey !

I suddenly see that my disk is completely full today.
But I do not know what causes it.
I suspect my dietpi-cam that causes this problem, but I see on the web interface of RPI Cam that I’ve barely saved photos and videos on the disk.

Can someone put me on the right away? Unfortunately I have little bit experience with Linux :exclamation: Still Learning…

We need to find out whats using the space.

Run the follow and paste results please:

cd /

Thnx found it :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems that i have a huge collection of photo’s O.o :open_mouth:
Dietpi-cam was causing this problem. The Timelapse function was creating a photo every 3 seconds. (I dident know it was on…)
The web interface says that i have only a few photo’s.

And got an next issue:

Installed Samba and rebooted.
Commands won’t work it seems that my samba is broken?

And as I approached it through the web interface. I get a login screen but unfortunately i can not login.
credentials won’t work :S

Ill try the other File Servers

EDIT: Seems like vsftpd isn’t working either.

sudo service vsftpd start

vsftpd: unrecognized service

Ill reinstall this today, and try again.
Samba Issue.PNG

It sounds like the software hasnt installed fully, could be due to insufficient free space on the drive.

I’ll need to get some more information on your system and its settings.
Please run the following to send me a bug report:


Please put the “Reference Code” in your next post.