subsonic is no longer in the list of installable software.

After a big bug on my installation (rpi3) that was running dietpi, samba and subsonic, I decided to reinstall everything today. Unfortunately, after the first startup, I can’t find subsonic in the list of applications. Where is the problem ? Can someone help me ?
Thank you in advance


many thanks for your request. Basically that’s correct because it was disabled (with v6.25) as it did not support JAVA11 on Debian Buster.

Similar happen to Airsonic. In contrast to Subsonic, Airsonic supports JAVA11 in meantime and Airsonic will be enabled again with upcoming DietPi release v6.32.

A snapshot from dietpi-software from current Beta

root@DietPi3:# dietpi-software list|grep sonic
id 33 | =0 | airsonic: web interface media streaming server | +alsa +ffmpeg +java
id 34 | =0 | subsonic: web interface media streaming server | +alsa +ffmpeg +java disabled for debian buster

thank you for your prompt response!