Subsonic and Jukebox-Mode

Hey there,

Subsonic offers a Jukebox-Mode, so that you can play some music over the Rasp HDMI or Jack-Audio.

If I try to play some songs with the Jukebox-Mode there is no sound at all. Not with HDMI or with Jack-Audio, which I changed via dietpi-config.

I already tried the how-to on this site:

Where it says:

We now need to add a line to the coding of subsonic so that it knows that there is a soundcard on the pi and to use that as default
sudo nano /usr/bin/subsonic. find the line that says -verbose:gc \ and add the following line above it
-Djavax.sound.sampled.SourceDataLine=#ALSA \

But that doesn’t work ether.

Does anybody managed to get Subsonic working in Jukebox-Mode?

Thx a lot for your help!