subnet problem with wifi hotspot


I use my raspi device (model 3B) as a wifi hotspot which is configured by DietPi software (my main router has no wifi option).

So I have a local network of the form A:=192.168.0.* and subnet (sub local network) configured by wifi hotspot of the form B:=192.168.42.*.
That is raspi is in A, and delivers ip address from B: home wifi devices are hence in the subnet B.

Now from a computer connected via wifi, while I can connect via ssh or sftp to my DietPi system, I can, for example, not access web interface via a web browser to dietpi.local (or by typing the ip address): I receive
403 forbidden message.

This is not shocking, the local network A, it does not allow non-secure access from the subnet B. The same problem arises for example with cups (but I can handle this by modifying cups config file). Or when I want to project my screen to tv which is connected to the network A via ethernet cable, it is simply blocked (that is, the problem is not directly related to dietpi). But it works when it is connected via wifi.

The problem persists in fact for all kinds of server applications in dietpi except -I don’t know why- for pi-hole (I can access to web interface).

Somehow, the main local network A should accept non-secure connections from B. Anyone has an idea?


As I understood you have PiHole installed. Usually the 403 Forbidden is displayed if you have deactivated PiHole Blocking page. You can check it as follow.

cat /etc/lighttpd/conf-available/99-dietpi-pihole.conf|grep server.error-handler-404

if the error-handler-404 is commented out with a #, you will receive the 403 Forbidden. Removing the # and restarting lighttpd.service will bring the PiHole Blocking page, if you unter your IP address.