Stuck behind a firewall: no github access

Where I live there is a Fire Wall. Some people call it Great, but I have other opinions about that. One of the issues is that github access is hit or miss and rawgithub access is throttled to the point of useless. The experience I’ve had with DietPi is that it automatically tries to download from rawgithub, fails, fails again, and complains about not finding the right stuff. I have considered setting up some other networking options, but would prefer if there were a solution available along the lines of the following options:

  1. Don’t try to contact the outside world unless specifically directed to

  2. Try once quickly and don’t complain about failure

  3. Mirror site/s for downloads

I’m open to options…


Well this is exactly how our update and install process is working. On first boot, we update the system as one of the first steps and this requires internet access. Actually we don’t support offline installation. Next to this, our code is hosted on GitHub. Therefore GitHub connection is mandatory. And we don’t plan to create any mirror. Regarding the error message, this is as intented because we inform users about an issue that requires manually intervention.

@MichaIng fyi

Thanks for the response.

I understand that it is that way and it makes sense for many use cases. But there’s no way to opt out?

An idea exists: Network | Offline mode · Issue #2915 · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub