Struggling receiving MQTT messages on Node Red in Dietpi


I’m developing a garage door controller in Node-red running on a piZero under Dietpi that I want to connect to my Home Assistant instance using MQTT. I have the Mosquitto broker installed on the Home Assistance instance. As far as I understand, i should only have one broker, I dont also need one on the PiZero, right?

I’m new to MQTT and am still learning, I’m using Node-Red on both ends. The door is subscribed to topic ‘door’ and the HA server to topic ‘doorserver’. Both Node-Red instances are showing as connected in the Node-Red UI.

On the HA instance, I can subscribe to the topic ‘doorserver’ and can receive messages sent from the piZero door controller using the mqtt out node sending to topic ‘doorserver’

If I try to send messages from the HA instance to topic ‘door’, I never seem to receive them on the PiZero, despite it being subscribed to the topic ‘door’. If I use an app on my phone, subscribed to topic ‘door’ I see the messages. What could be stopping my PiZero from receiving the messages, despite the fact that the NodeRed MQTT in node showing as connected?


Ignore this, it’s working now for some unknown reason.