Stop LCD Timeout when application running

Hi just installed Dietpi so thanks for the software, I am currently running it to be a Roon endpoint with an official LCD screen attached and using the roon-web-extension to display now playing via Chromium in kiosk mode. However because there is no interaction with the screen the screen times out after 10mins. I know I can disable the power saving functions but I dont want to completely disable them as there are times I want it to turn off the display say when I am not playing music via Roon or Raspotfy I am not a big linux user but was wondering is there any way to configure it this way so it will stay on for certain apps or situations.

Ok so this is not possible. I cant even get the system to not turn of display after 10mins. Followed so many different methods posted around the web and non work for me at all.

Has anybody had any success in being able to stop the automatic screen power off/blamking that happens if no interaction is made with touch screen, keyboard or mouse. What ever I do it just always powers of after 10.

Something like this?

stop screen from blanking

Already tried the kdb method does not work. I can turn it off using command line easily enough it’s having it set to off on boot that I’ve can’t do. Tried every method I can find none of them.chsnge the dpms state. I tried adding the xset commands which turn it off via command line in my but still no change. They work manually entered in a terminal shell after boot though. I am running out of patience.