Still can't get CEC working with Kodi on latest Bullseye Build


Ever since installing the latest build of Dietpi Bullseye on my Raspberry Pi 3 I am unable use my TV controller to navigate around Kodi. I have had a look within Kodi under the settings, system, peripherals and the list is empty CEC is not listed. I have also done some searching and found various posts about CEC issues such as these:

I tried to roll back my Kernel as this was offered as a possible solution in one of the older posts I found but that did not help and Kodi would not even load after doing that.

What am I doing wrong or need to do to fix this? I am thinking about just restoring my backup and returning to Buster if this can not be fixed as Kodi was working fine prior to updating to Bullseye.

Thank you for any help with this matter.


Maybe following GitHub post could help

Hi Joulinar,

Thanks for the link and assistance. I followed the instructions and manged to get the TV CEC listing under the command line, but it still is not working in Kodi and not listed under peripherals. Maybe I need to try reinstalling Kodi?

root@RaspberryPi-3:/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf# echo 'scan' | cec-client -s -d 1
opening a connection to the CEC adapter...
requesting CEC bus information ...
CEC bus information
device #0: TV
active source: no
vendor:        Samsung
osd string:    TV
CEC version:   1.3a
power status:  on
language:      eng

device #1: Recorder 1
active source: no
vendor:        Pulse Eight
osd string:    CECTester
CEC version:   1.4
power status:  on
language:      eng

A problem may be that Kodi was built against libcec6 from Bullseye, while that one (from Raspbian/Debian) is not compatible with RPi which is why you needed to downgrade to libcec4.

So I guess we’d need to rebuild Kodi against this downgraded libcec4 or wait for a libcec6 on the RPi repository: