Step-by.step help with install Jivelite and/or Squeezeplay

Hi all,

I’m a beginner on linux but don’t feel like a complete “noob” as I do understand some things, all though I would think pretty basic novice stuff.

Wanted to build a music player/streamer and managed install DietPi on a Rpi 3B+ . This since I needed a browser and therefore passed most other “ready made audio images” (like PcP, max2play and the likes).So running the DietPi with minimal xtras. Squeezelite, LXDE desktop & Firefox and that’s basically it.

I’m hoping someone could help with install preferably Jivelite but could settle with Squeezeplay. Been googling, reading lots of differnt slimdevicesforum threads and then trying without succes. I come from the “easylife” of windows and have small understanding of install programs in Linux.Too many options for my knowledge … :-/ Getting confused by all the different information and also many times links to threads that seemingly are invalid or maybe not applicable. Would appreciate any kind of help, but please keep it simplistic. I’m just a “paste & copy” sort of guy at an early learning Linux stage.

I don’t have a desktop on either of my DietPi installations, so I can’t help with that. But if you have a Windows machine you would basically

Download the Rpi image

Burn it using Etcher or Rufus to a suitable SD card

Insert the SD card into your Rpi

Hook up a keyboard and screen

Power up the Pi


The onscreen instructions are pretty simple, though personally my first install was on a Pi Zero for which I didn’t want to buy the cable, so I went for a fully automated setup. It worked well enough for a total newbie like me.

The problem I had was installing a desktop on the Rpi3. I didn’t need one as my unit was headless, but was trying to see if it would work and it didn’t. Since it wasn’t a requirement I didn’t chase down the issue, though I do plan to eventually migrate all my Linux boxes to DietPi eventually and will need a desktop on at least two of them.