Static IP address // DHCP


I’m having trouble changing the IP address from static to DHCP. I’m using my nano pi completely isolated from my router/internet, however, sometime I need to connect it to the internet to update the system and apps.

So from my isolated network I log into and change the IP from Static to DHCP. Do the shutdown and connect the ethernet cable to the router so it can get the IP from DHCP.

When I turn it on it shows on the display and I simply can’t access it anymore.

It happened three times and I’m tired of reinstalling everything all the time.

I need help.

Thanks for your attention,

After you connected to the router. Please try: ifdown eth0 && sleep 2 && ifup eth0
htop shows dhclient running, right? The above should re-initiate the DHCP client as well.

You can check the currently applied (or not applied) IP via: ip a

And you can manually run dhclient as well: dhclient eth0

journalctl might as well give some hints. When connecting the device to the router and trying the above to re-init the interface you could check the journal (end of log) for possible error messages.

I can’t ssh to the nano pi. It’s not getting an IP address.

Can I use a USB >> TTL adapter and try to login ??? Or can I plug a keyboard without monitor and try to do a blind login ?