Start - Stop Kodi with command is possible?

Is it possible to stop and start kodi from command console? I want to know if it can be done as in OSMC with the command “systemctl stop mediacenter” “systemctl start mediacenter” since I use an Android application to stop Kodi and start it remotely when I’m interested and in this way free up CPU and memory load when I’m not using it. Thank you.

The “normal” way is systemctl stop kodi (and equivalents for start and restart).

OSMC changed it, but LibreElec and vanilla Kodi both have the standard process name. Try that instead?

Arguably though it’s not a good habit to get into, as it doesn’t shut things down gracefully and you could potentially screw things up like the database could get corrupted if you stop things at the wrong time.

With the command “systemctl stop kodi” i get the message “Failed to stop kodi.service: Unit kodi.service not loaded”.
I suspect that in Dietpi Kodi it is not executed as a service.

Same problem here, I would like to be able to manually restart kodi but can’t find how. All I can do currently is fully restart the whole system.

You are answering on a 4 years old post. probably better to create a new one. Did you tried to type kodi into CLI?