SSH Server - SSH Access Denied after SSH server install

Hi Guys

I am running pi hole on dietpi for over 3 years, I decided to install open SSH Server on it to setup few thinks,

After installation the ssh login does not work - It says access denied
what should I do in order to fix this now? please

I can login locally using root and my password, but ssh is access denied.

how did you install OpenSSH? Did you used dietpi-software?


Yes I have install it via tool dietpi-software, :confused:

Also, not sure I am getting this warning ?



this is expected as the host key is changing if your switch SSH server. You need to accept it once to update new host key.

Ok, thanks

However still I am getting Access Denied :confused:

can you check following

journalctl -u ssh.service

thanks for you help

can you try to force a failed login and check log again. Usually it should be documented if someone tries to login.