Squeezelite setting not working


I would like to report a problem in squeezelite settings : I have a SMSL sanskrit II USD DAC, this DAC has a hardware volume control accessible via 'SMSL USB AUDIO '.
The problem is that when I put the parameter -V 'SMSL USB AUDIO ’ in /etc/default/squeezelite, squeezelite does not work. I think that the reason is that arguments in /etc/default/squeezelite are surrounded by ’ characters. And as my DAC volume control alsa has ’ character, squeezelite parametres only read the second one (which is not the real end of the sentence) and then parameters are not well taken into account.

Has anyone already had this issue? I hope I’m clear!


@MichaIng can you have a look pls.

Can you please post again the control name in code tags, so that we see the unmodified character? ' is generally used on shell for literal strings. If it shall be part of the string, you need to end quotation, add it in \' escaped form, and re-open the quotation, like:

variable='Micha'\''s example'

So ' becomes '\''.

But actually I am pretty sure that the control name itself does not use that characters, but instead it seems like you quote the name to avoid word splitting at the spaces. In this case, just use double quotes.

ARGS='-W -C 5 -n DietPi-Squeezelite -V "SMSL USB AUDIO"'

Thank you for your answer. I’ve modified the arguments as following and it works now (for information there is a space after AUDIO in the volume control for Sanskrit 2 DAC, if someone with the same DAC need help one day!):

ARGS='-W -C 5 -n DietPi-Squeezelite -V "SMSL USB AUDIO "'

Interesting, this doesn’t look intended, however indeed good to know!

Btw, check how I edited your post, wrapping the config line into code fences. This is essential to allow copy&pasting that, otherwise special characters like quotations are replaced with nice looking but false ones.

“test” != "test" and ‘test’ != 'test' :wink:.

Yes I’ll keep this in mind, thanks :wink: