Split shell for headless Dietpi

What do you people use for terminal multiplexer? Im finding myself wanting several shells/tabs and Im not sure whats the best way to go about setting something up.

What do you prefer?

personally, I’m using MTPuTTY (Multi-Tabbed PuTTY) to manage multiple sessions.

Reporting back, for completion’s sake:

I ended up using tmux as a way to have a split shell

terminator is a nice split shell…but I don’t think it’s cli (its graphical)
no…no…it’s python 3

Terminator is a graphical Linux software program, running seamlessly under Python 3, which lets system administrators and other users use multiple terminal (shell) windows at the same time. Even the terminal client software included with your operating system will let you do this, but Terminator has a special GUI format unlike other one-at-the-time or tab-based terminal client softwares.

open two tabs or two windows, drag it to the side and it will split down the middle

Im using zellij now. Very happy with it. 8/8. Would recommend

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Oh that is pretty cool…and being able to launch it without installing is pretty dang cool!
An alias would be pretty sweet!

$ bash <(curl -L zellij.dev/launch) [For bash/zsh]

Then a alt+n and get a new panel in the active ssh…very cool!

Truthfully…I think the dev’s should include this as an option of “default” shell…it appears to be VERY nice and useful!

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Glad you like it too!

For me, its the search/scroll (Ctrl + s), which I couldnt do easily in tmux, and floating panes (Ctrl + p, w), those are cool