Sparky - How to usb USB storage with ReadyMedia miniDLNA?

Hi All

Can someone please help how to use USB storage with ReadyMedia mini DLNA? On the Allo Sparky, running DietPi v6.11

I have mounted the USBdrive but can’t see any of the music stored on there.

ProFTP file sytem is installed.

Many thanks

Can you post the location of the directory you are mounted too?

FWIW, I don’t think FTP is the way to go for sharing streaming files, so I usually use samba.

But for example, when I use samba my USB drive directory shows up as. /mnt/samba/[USB drive}

From there I can navigate to my music directory and see all the files. Also my USB drive shows up as a slew of numbers not an actual name.

Just for kicks…until someone comes along with detailed knowledge of ProFTP…see if you can list the owners and permissions for the drive.