Sparky>Dietpi>Roonbridge>McFIFO>McDUALXO>HDMI LVDS>I2S

I’m putting together a ‘Sparky>Dietpi>Roonbridge>McFIFO & McDUALXO isolator >HDMI LVDS>I2S’ streamer and I’ve got my sparky showing up in Roon okay as an output but I can’t get any music to play. I’m not sure I have everything installed as the shields/dac do not come up as options under the audio settings. Sound card just says and under the audios setting there are options for Allo piano dac, Allo cheapo, and USB Dac (I am not using USB but an I2S input to my DAC). Can anyone help?

I’ve got my sparky chain showing up in roon but no music yet. When I use the USB output I can get music to play, so this means the Shields or I2S out are not connecting. Dietpi responded and it seems I need to add some code to both access I2S and other shields apart from the Allo ones… Not so easy for a beginner like me… but I did get some garbeled sounds from my speakers which is kind of progress…

I have managed to add 2 lines to the etc/modules and shows up in the dietpi audio settings as suggested by Sudeep.

“To enable sparky I2S for generic dacs , include below lines to the /etc/modules file and restart , this option available v159 or above versions.

Are there any other settings for I2S output from Sparky to third party shields that may need to be added as i am still not getting any sound through my system even though music is playing in the roon server app.

Many thanks for any help