Sonarr3 & Radarr3

Hey gang.

I got myself a new RPi for Xmas and it a good time to do a fresh install from scratch again but i’d like to be using
the new Sonarr/Radarr V3 instead of the v2 ones that dietpi-software currently installs.

So is there a good way to install these or just a case of manual install per the Sonarr website, I wonder if it better
to install these as Dockers (if such exist for these) and once i figure how to use Docker.

Just curious what people experience has been install this so i can avoid the Pain :slight_smile:


Hi kazgor

As this interested me as well, I did a quick search and it seems that they are going to switch to v3 after it becomes stable.

There’s a guide to manually install, but no idea about it:

Link here:

Cheers and happy new year :slight_smile:


many thanks for your message. Usually Radarr v3 should be installed automatically. For Sonarr v3 I’m not sure if it reached stable state already or if it is still in testing.