Sonarr V3


When you are planning to update Sonarr to version 3

As I know they stop updating anymore the v2


From what I see, Sonarr v3 is still beta:
We’ll officially switch as fast as it’s released as stable.

Hi there, appreciate you wanting to wait till it’s officially out of beta. I don’t suppose there is anyway of giving a choice to the user? Ie having both available? Cheers

I guess it will be to much effort to maintain both version. So I guess it will be switched to v3 as soon as it is marked stable.

Jep indeed, we will switch to v3 fully then. The guys from Sonarr will probably release an RC1 soon. I would consider this stable enough to switch then, as it contains as well some other fixes, e.g. writing to file systems with no native UNIX permissions support, which is currently broken. If this happens during our beta phase, I’ll add the switch.

Is it possible now to manually upgrade to it?

yes, you can follow Sonarr guide

Thanks seems to work fairly fine.

Solved! Looks like Dietpi doesn’t include the latest (beta) version 3 yet. I upgrade using

We’ll switch as soon as it’s released as stable.

Please update sonarr to version 3 it is now stable.


we already thinking on it. :smiley:

Usually update should already work following the guide but definitely do a backup before :wink:

It automatically updated in my system to v3 without any issues thankfully.


just to manage expectations. It will be include in 7.1 most probably, but this could take a while as we just released 7.0. :wink:


Sonarr V3 is in stable now and I see that even with version 8 of diet pi this was not updated.
Are there any plans to update it ?

not sure what you mean but support for Sonarr v3 has been added on DietPi 7.1 (April 2021) already

thank you sorted