Sonarr/Transmission/Plex with Western Digital My Cloud Home mount issue

Hi all,

Im having trouble with setting up a sonarr/transmission/plex application using a dietpi and using a Western Digital My Cloud Home.

Im setting it up for a friend - I have the My Cloud and I am able to add shares on my My Cloud, but I don’t seem to think you can add shares to the My Cloud Home like I can on the My Cloud??

When setting up the My Cloud Home, it has a add-on for a Plex server. So I enabled that and a folder shows up on the hard drive (when viewing the files on the web app). The only folder that shows up when connecting to the My Cloud Home from my computer, I can only see the TimeMachineBackup folder.

My problem is that I cannot find what path the Plex folder is?? I need to add the drive as a network drive in the Dietpi-Drive_Manager so I can configure sonarr and transmission to do their thing. But I can’t for the life of me find the folder path.

I know the IP address of the My Cloud Home on the network, but that’s about it…

Please can anyone help… It seems Western Digital has cut some features from their UI… But maybe its easier with the new way Western Digital does things?

So please, if anyone can help, please help.

Thanks in advance everyone…