Sonarr/Sab downloading to dietpi_userdata??

Hi there!

I have a Sonarr/Sabnzbd setup that usually works fine, but occasionally downloads get stored in /mnt/dietpi_userdata, filling up the card. Most stuff seems to get moved successfully to my NAS. The incomplete folder is on the NAS too so dietpi_userdata shouldn’t get used at all…

any ideas?


many thanks for your report. Can you pls be a litte bit more specific on your issue. You Sonarr/Sab data are stored /mnt/dietpi_userdata, correct? Your NAS is mounted to??

There is no Sab / Sonarr data in /mnt/dietpi_userdata.

/var/lib/sonarr and /etc/sabnzbd are the defualt base folders. The NAS is /mnt/daisy and this is used for incomplete and complete downloads. So if sownloading files A B & C, A and C might end up in the correct completed folder with B ending up in /mnt/dietpi_userdata…

In the logs for both apps theres no mention of “/mnt/dietpi_userdata”.

Fuck a duck never mind - I just realised its Qbittorrent doing it.

I’m a doofus.

at least we talked about it :sunglasses: