sonarr permissions issue


I’m having issues with sonarr permissions, can anyone help me out? Here’s an example of what’s going on.

Couldn't import episode /mnt/USBHDD1/downloads/complete/The.Witcher.S02E04.480p.x264-mSD/4d53d4c977ab4a13b2a6dd1478f5befb.mkv: Access to the path '/mnt/USBHDD1/downloads/complete/The.Witcher.S02E04.480p.x264-mSD/4d53d4c977ab4a13b2a6dd1478f5befb.mkv' is denied.

When I check to see who owns the file and folder I get this:

-rw-r--r-- 1 sabnzbd dietpi 450209756 Dec 20 00:07 The.Witcher.S02E04.480p.x264-mSD/4d53d4c977ab4a13b2a6dd1478f5befb.mkv

I then check what users are in the dietpi group:

dietpi sonarr radarr sabnzbd

Everything looks good to me but yet sonarr cannot move the file. It has to be some sort of permission issue right?

Probably you need write permissions for the group. Actually it’s read only for dietpi group.

I figured it out, sabnzbd wasn’t setting the file/folder permissions after downloading. I just set it to 777 in the sabnzbd settings and it’s all working perfectly now.