Sonarr in installed pacakges list, but not Radarr?

Heyo all, I’m curious if anyone else using Radarr also sees the package as not installed if they enter this command?


Radarr won’t update via apt upgrade because of this and I noticed in the Web UI that I’m several versions behind, while Sonarr is at the latest version (Both were installed a few months ago via dietpi-software BTW).

dietpi@RockPi:[~]$ sudo apt -qq list radarr
dietpi@RockPi:[~]$ sudo apt -qq list sonarr

Both installed from dietpi-software.
For upgrade you can run the
dietpi-software reinstall 145 for radarr or dietpi-software reinstall 144 for sonarr.

Radarr is installed directly from GitHub repository GitHub - Radarr/Radarr: A fork of Sonarr to work with movies à la Couchpotato. and it is not an apt software package. Therefore dietpi-software reinstall 145 would be the right way. Or use the internal software update function of Radarr itself.

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Ah thanks for the info guys! I thought the install must have happened from Github indeed, but still thought strange that Sonarr and Radarr were not installed the same, and wasn’t sure if apt upgrade took care of dependencies while the web UI might not.

Radarr and Sonarr are managed differently by their developer. Something we are not able to influence.