Sonarr Help

So I have Sonarr running on a Pi4. Couldn’t get it to access the SMB share I had mounted but realized I needed to mount it using the dietpi user, not root. Got it working; I am able to import my shows I have and can set up new shows. My downloader, qBitTorrent, is on a Win10 machine so it can run through PIA. It connects and downloads the show but will not move the file from one folder to another on the Win10 machine. I’ve set up remote path mappings but it still will not work. I can’t even do a manual import. Once I set up the remote path mappings in Radarr it works like a charm.

Any help would be appreciated.

Nevermind. Simply did a fresh install of Sonarr v3 and it’s all good.


best to my knowledge this is a known issue of Sonarr v2 using Mono v6 not being able to write to CIFS mounts

As well a point on the known issue section of the release notes