Sonarr and Radarr "Folder is not writable by user" with Mono v5.18


I just started using DietPi to configure a media server with Sonarr, Radarr, qBitTorrent and Plex.
Installing everything went very smooth, really impressed by DietPi!

Unfortunately I ran into the issue where Sonarr and Radarr do not have write permissions on my local folders, even with chmod 777 or running the service under root or dietpi.
I found this thread: and also tried to downgrade Mono v6 to v5.10.
If I specify any version lower then 5.18 it still installs this version, not sure if this has to do with my Debian version being Buster which is running on my Odroid N2?

Does this issue also occur in 5.18? If so, is it possible to downgrade to 5.10 on Debian Buster?
Also strange that every post I find is about a SMB share while I have this issue on my local drive.

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just to clarify. You did not moved your user data directory to an external device and you don’t use any CIFS/samba mount? correct?

Hello Joulinar,

No it is all on the local drive where DietPi is running from.
I didn’t do anything custom as I do not have enough Linux knowledge.
I installed DietPi and the all the software I needed.
Then I made a ‘series’ folder under /home as the root user and noticed that sonarr is unable to see files and folders under the home directory, while it can see the home folder itself.
Because of this I made a folder at root level ‘myflix/series’ which sonarr was able to find but when I select it, I get the write permission error.
This also occurs on radarr.

Thanks for the quick response!

did you had a look to DietPi user Guide? There are some restrictions on the directories you can choose.

Since DietPi v6.29, by default Sonarr/Radarr has strict permissions to only access download and media directories inside /mnt/.

Oops, no I did not, sorry.
This was indeed the problem.
I’ve bookmarked the thread and will read the details if I install other software in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for the quick resolution!

Really impressed with DietPi, how user friendly it is for a Linux newby, certainly worth a donation :wink:

Your welcome, much appreciated your donation.