Sonarr and Radarr cannot copy espiodes to network drive after download is complete

I have setup Radarr, Sonarr and Deluge. And I have also mounted a USB drive connected to my Windows PC using Samba share. Everything works fine. I can access my files and folders on my PC via RPi. I can create and delete folders. My Deluge, Radarr and Sonnarr is correctly configured. They can search for episodes and send a notification to Deluge to download episode. After the dowload is complete, Sonarr and Radarr are unable to copy the episode to the correct path. When I checked logs, I get following error “Couldn’t import episode. Access to the path is denied.”

I dont think its an access issue. I can manually copy the file downloaded to destination folder with a “non-root” login. Is anyone else facing similar issues? How to give permission to Radarr and Sonarr to copy files to the samba shared drive?

I guess you use exFAT file system on the USB drive? See:
This is bug with current Mono version that prevents writing to a file system what does not support UNIX permissions (chmod/chown does not work).

Is the DietPi system the Samba server or the Windows PC (and DietPi mounts it)?